About Me

Kristen has been practicing photography since 2008 and full time professionally since 2012 after time at University studying photography. What a beautiful journey it's been. A world traveler and lover of all things beautiful, Kristen has traveled to such amazing places as Canada+ Belize to photograph weddings, fashion, and portraits. 

She has won several awards+been published in multiple articles and spoken at schools+conference events.

She loves to craft and use crystals to raise her vibrations, engage in the best health food practices and change her hair color bi-weekly.

Born in raised in Long Beach, California to record store owners, the love+pride for her city runs deep.

Kristen's passionate about traveling, MOTHERhood, flowers, The Chicago Cubs, Music, and her dogs.




“Kristen is so easy to shoot with! She's great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I always feel super awkward smiling for pictures, but she just talks to you and makes you laugh so the smiles are natural.”