TCQC was born when a creative+old soul, Mama+ mental health advocate, Freedom keeper + resin artist, certified crystal healer + Professional Photographer, Craft lover, Nature Wanderer, Licensed skin therapist, beauty+truth seeking busy Mama decided she was ready to to add more beauty+healing vibes to the world with the energy from crystals+art, the same crystals+art that helped her heal from debilitating anxiety+depression.

Bringing you handcrafted+carefully curated jewelry+crafts with the help of reiki+crystal energy. Our items are charged using reiki energy+crystals are cleansed and handled with care + attention. Many of our items are sourced from magical places such as Mount. Shasta. We then cleanse the crystals in Shasta water and sometimes tumble them ourselves. Born in Long Beach, CA, Welcome to The Consciously Quirky creative.

Created with Love+Intention


“k.Dot customizes orders as well so let's connect on a personal level, send me a message, say hello! and let's find out how we can Quirk up your soul”